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How weird it seems to write your own biography. But if you’re vain enough to have your own website (hi there), why not go all the way? So this is me, as seen by me.

Born 15 June 1968 between 7:30am and 8:00am.
At St. Mary’s Hospital in Passaic, New Jersey.
Lived in Clifton, NJ for 4 years.

September 1972, moved to Darien, Illinois, a suburb 20 miles west of Chicago.

Attended Concord grade school from Kindergarten thru 4th Grade.
Attended Cass Jr. High from 5th Grade thru 8th.
Graduated from Hinsdale South High School in the spring of 1986 with a major in Illustration. Yes, I know it was high school but I had a strict art curriculum all 4 years there.
Graduated Northern Illinois University in August 1990. Took me 4 years and one summer semester. BA in Art with an emphasis in Illustration and a Minor in Art History

While scrounging up freelance art jobs, I was offered a job at a local suburban comic book store. 4 days into that job I was promoted to Manager and given my own store. At that time there were only 2 stores in that chain. By the time I left there, after 17 years and 8 months, I was General Manager of the 9-store chain and had helped build almost every location they had during my tenure. I was also direct Manager of four locations, including the largest store in the entire chain..

From there I opened my own store, but you read all about that on the Challengers page, right?

After I graduated college I moved from Darien to Villa Park, IL, where I still reside, eyeing Chicago all the time.

Father: George W. Brower III
Mother: Frances Porretta
Sister: Karen Davison
Brother: George W. Brower IV
Sister: Susan Randich

Best Dog Ever: Rufus (1982 – 1998)


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Illustration by Tim Seeley & Patrick Brower
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