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I have been known to bang an ink-soaked 2"x4" over comic book pencils and call it "art." Some companies have even been foolish enough to publish it.

The following 2 links will take you to sites that host my original comic book inking work.

Deviant Art is where I keep some published work and a bunch of non-published, just-for-fun stuff:

Comic Art Fans features all the published work of my own I have access to:
PB Gallery

Here's a list of all the work I've had published:
(The other names are those of the pencil artists for each project)

Loaded Bible TP
(Image Comics, 2008)
Loaded Bible TP (Lilith Pin-Up) Steve Kurth

Angel: After the Fall
(IDW Publishing, 2007)
#1 (Exclusive cover inks) David Messina

Lloyd Kaufman Presents the Toxic Avenger and Other Tromatic Tales
(Devil's Due Publishing, 2007)
Tromaverse Max (2-page spread inks) Tim Seeley
The Masturbator (10-pages, inks) Gregory Titus
Lesbians (6-pages, inks) Emily Stone
Rabid Grannies vs. Beware! Children at Play
(4-pages, inks) Josh Medors

Black Plague
(BOOM! Studios, 2006)
#1 (Exclusive cover inks) Joe Abraham

Transformers Beast Wars: The Gathering
(IDW Publishing, 2006)
#1 (Exclusive cover inks) Nick Roche

Zombie Tales
(BOOM! Studios / Atomeka)
#1 (5 pages, inks) Joe Abraham, 2005
Zombie Tales vol. 1 Collection, 2007

Canton Kid
(B.L.A.M. Comics, 2005)
#2 (pin-up inks) Luke Smarto

Hero Squared
(BOOM! Studios / Atomeka)
X-tra Sized Special (Exclusive cover inks) Joe Abraham, 2004
#2, Mini-Series (Cover inks) Joe Abraham, 2005
#3, Mini-Series (Cover inks) Joe Abraham,  2005

(Devil's Due Publishing)
#4 (Inking assist) Josh Blaylock, 2004
Misplaced @17 (Interior inks) Josh Blaylock, 2005

(Griot Enterprises, 2002)
#1 (Cover inks) Jiba Molei Anderson
#2 (Interior inks) Michael Larson
#3 (Cover & Interior inks) Jiba Molei Anderson
Divine Intervention Collection
Dirt Mug Collection
More Fund Comics, vol. 2 (5-page story)

Mutant X (un-credited)
(Marvel Comics, 1998)
#2 (2-page spread, inking assist) Tom Raney

Altered Image (un-credited)
(Image Comics, 1998)
#1 (Inking assist) Jim Valentino

Scooby-Doo (un-credited)
(DC Comics, 1998)
#?? (Inking assist) ?

Knuckles the Echidna (un-credited)
(Archie Comics Group, 1998)
#?? (Inking assist) ?

(Gogo Comics, 1991)
#4 (Inking assist, trading cards insert) Frank Kurtz
#5 (Inking assist) Frank Kurtz




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