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Group Shot
(clockwise from left)
Jason Axtolis: BASS -- Patrick Brower: VOCALS
Will Garrison: DRUMS -- Chris Carlson: GUITARS

Yeah, this is my fault.  I lost our original bio written by Chris.  It was full of cheesy, over-the-top, "We're the greatest band EVER!!" stuff, as you'd expect, but in a site re-design it was lost.  So here's a history instead. 

Chris Carlson and Patrick Brower were friends for a decade.  Chris was an accomplished guitar player.  Patrick thought he could sing.  Each believed in the other.  One day in 1998 they started to write songs in Chris' apartment.  And they liked what they wrote, but never really thought anything of it.  They had a mutual friend in Jason Axtolis.  Jason, more Chris' friend in the beginning, was a bass player, but Patrick didn't know that.  Patrick was actually intimidated by Jason so when he learned Chris was letting Jason hear the songs they had written and recorded (just voice and guitar), Patrick was worried that Jason would think they sucked.  Jason did not think that.  In fact, Jason liked the songs so much that he asked to play bass for them.  So this then became a serious thing.  And a drummer was needed.  A friend of Chris' knew of a country-inspired drummer named Will Garrison.  Chris met Will and found that he liked country but liked metal more.  All 4 guys jammed and realized that they had something... and thus was born... CRASH PALACE.  Yeah, that was the original band name until it was discovered that there already WAS a Crash Palace. 

SERPENT CROWN was chosen as the new name and the band had an identity as well as a batch of songs.  They started to play out regularly.  They played some clubs that they had only been to as fans to see international acts perform at.  And they were selected to perform at the Thirsty Whale Remembrance Bash (The Thirsty Whale was a great rock club in the 1980's that is now a combination BP Oil/McDonald's.  Chris used to call it the "Medieval Pizza Parlor" due to it's, um, decor.)  They had fun.

Something happened to Chris and he seemed to resent the fun and friendship Patrick and Jason formed, going so far as to tell them individually that the other was trash-talking them behind their backs.  Jason got fed up and decided that he was leaving.  He gave months notice.  The band didn't even last that long.  One night, on stage no less, Jason and Chris almost came to blows and Jason wound up leaving the band right then and there.  It's just too bad he wound up taking the whole band with him, as that was the last time they were ever together as a group.  Will already had another band and was about to get married, so he also opted out, with no hard feelings or regrets of the time shared.

Patrick and Jason, the legal owners of the band name, spent a year trying to recruit two new players.  Many people were auditioned.  New songs were written.  New rehearsal space was found.  But in the end it became so much work and so little fun, so they, too, called it a day and Serpent Crown was laid to rest.

Since then Chris formed a band with his sister Amanda Carlson, called SUNSET ARMS.  They no longer play together.  Will got married and that's all that is known about him.  Jason joined the Patrick Capone band, recorded a CD with them and went on tour.  By his own choice he is no longer with them.  Patrick joined an 80's cover band, FICTITIOUS, but the lure of his own music was too strong and he left that band.  He also still records music with his friend Bob Burns in their original band THE DIVORCE GUN, usually around Christmas of each year.


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