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The following is a list of people who have all helped us on our way.
Pay them a visit and tell them just how cool you think they really are.
Tell 'em Serpent Crown sent ya!

Chaotic Planet!
Without Jeremy Huggins you would be looking at nothing right now. Go there.
Be impressed and give him a call for any art or graphic design work you need.


The coolest e-zine about metal I have seen. You definitely want to be a part
of this.

Ion Vein
One of Chicago's coolest progressive metal bands and a great bunch of guys!
Listen & love!

Seventh Omen
Collectively we've seen this band about 100 times. Also from Chicago, they
certainly know what metal is all about!

This was our drummer Will's other band. Not as heavy as Serpent Crown, but a lot of

Graham Crackers Comics
The Midwest's coolest comic book stores!  Dig it!!

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