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Friendster? Long gone. MySpace? No more!

Can you live without my updates??

Where I house my photos. Feel free to browse.

Club Lago
One of my favorite places to be.

Doctor Who
Seriously, my favorite show on TV right now.

Michael Lee's website.

Tim Seeley
Creator of Hack/Slash and the man behind the illustration of me that graces this site.

Luke Smarto
The place to see all of Luke's kick ass art on the web! Man, he draws some nice-lookin' women!

Mike Norton
I love the name of his website!

Gregory Titus
The primary half of Team Awesome/Hotness!

Chris Mitten
One of the nicest guys I know and a kick-ass artist to boot!

Skottie Young
A true comic artist original.

Jenny Frison
Stop reading this--just go look!

James Schroeder
Sure, he bailed on us and moved to L.A. but you should still go look at his purty art.




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Illustration by Tim Seeley & Patrick Brower
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