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Detritus is a weekly hard rock/heavy metal e-zine featuring news, reviews, rumors, special reports, and more. I write a column called "At The Altar," contribute occasional CD and live concert reviews and interview musicians.  "Rock hard with a purpose!"

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STUN! Podcast
It's STUN! The comic book interview podcast heard around the world, originating in Chicago.  Host James VanOsdol interviewed many a comic book creator in this podcast's nearly year-long run. I was fortunate enough to work with James on this as Executive Producer, both on the mic and behind the scenes. We had a lot of fun and hopefully it shows.


For two years (August 2001 - August 2003) I wrote a wrestling recap column for 411mania.com.  Strangely they still have archives of every column I ever wrote for them (including the weekly "What's Shipping" comic book new release list I did from January 2003 to July 2004) up on the site.

The 411: Jakked/Velocity


Since 1990 I've been making my own Christmas Cards each year.  Here's an on-line archive of all the ones I've been able to put up so far.

Cards: Christmas Cards




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